DAC Bonds

DAC works directly with tax-exempt bond issuers to obtain and file complete, accurate and timely information as contracted for in each Continuing Disclosure Agreement. For obligors such as hospital systems, universities and other non-governmental entities that incur debt through both municial bond and direct/taxable offerings, DAC offers an integrated repository for seamless disclosure of obligors' municipal DAC bond issues and their own non-municipal direct/taxable issues, all in one place for centralized disclosure to investors.

The DAC business and technology solutions improve the secondary disclosure process in four important ways.  First, the DAC website is a state of the art Document Management System that allows for submitting and accessing information via a web browser. The advantages are accessibility, speed and an audit trail over the life of the bond.  Second, the DAC solution incorporates reminders with a template for the upcoming filing. Users are supported with DAC compliance reviews from the time of initial issuance and throughout the life of the bond, with DAC assisting in the identification what is to be filed and when.  Third, DAC maintains a receipt of all filings over the life of the bonds along with a copy of the document filed, to provide an audit trail of your ongoing compliance with disclosure obligations for each bond issue.  Issuer and obligor clients are provided access to the full database of their filings that is secured and readily accessible in real-time from anywhere at anytime.  Fourth, issuers and obligors are provided access to the integrated DAC Repository for their investors to view, at no cost, all of their filed disclosures for both municipal DAC Bonds and non-municipal direct/taxable issues, all in one place.