Post-Issuance Securities Compliance

  • Each DAC client benefits from having a "second pair of eyes" thoroughly review its continuing disclosure undertaking and official statement to ensure clients are aware of all previous disclosure requirements. Using the financial and operating data requirements contained in the disclosure undertakings, DAC's professional accounting staff constructs Excel templates which allow issuers to easily complete required tables. Each template once completed by an issuer is reviewed by DAC's accounting staff to compare information inputted against filing requirements. Any discrepancies generate a request for the missing information or further clarification from an issuer.
  • Anytime the DAC system is used to make filings with the market, our system automatically stores the transmitted document, generates a receipt showing the date and time the information was transmitted, as well as a return receipt from the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board's EMMA system, providing an audit trail evidencing filings for the life of the bond.
  • DAC for more than a decade has had a history of innovation for municipal securities market participants. For more information and to view a white paper discussing DAC's History of Innovation, visit the DAC home page at and click on the "DAC - A History of Innovation for Municipal Securities Market Participants."