Issuers and Obligors

Rule 15c2-12 Filings for Municipal DAC Bond Issues

DAC offers a seasoned disclosure solution relying on both technology and personal service by trained DAC staff, which provides "live contract" to issuers and obligors to remind and assist in annual, quarterly, & monthly filings as well as "heads up" for changes to their own ratings as well as ratings for liquidity providers, bond issuers and other credit providers that form the basis for an even filing. DAC provides a disclosure template tailored to the issuer's or obligor's existing continuing disclosure agreements to make required continuing disclosure filings on a timely and complete basis. DAC transmits the issuer's or obligor's filings to the MSRB's Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA) system with the required indexing information. DAC's corrective action program is the gold standard for municipal market rehabilitation services.

Disclosures for Non-Municipal Direct/Taxable Issues

For non-municipal direct/taxable bond issues by non-profit and other private obligors that are exempt offerings under the Federal Securities Laws but do not qualify for disclosure postings in the MSRB's EMMA system, DAC staff provides the same personalized services as for Rule 15c2-12 filings, while making disclosures available to investors on the DAC website.

DAC's Integrated Disclosure Repository

DAC offers the only integrated repository for seamless disclosure of obligors' municipal DAC bonds under Rule 15c2-12 and their non-municipal direct/taxable issues, all in one place. Access to the DAC repository is free of charge.