The DAC Repository provides investors with "one stop shopping" for issuers' and obligors' municipal and direct/taxable disclosure filings.

The DAC system is widely used by wealth managers, brokers to the retail market, and institutional investors. The DAC Repository will remain freely available and readily accessible to all, providing a pristine database of DAC Bond issuer and obligor client information for both their municipal DAC Bond disclosures under Rule 15c2-12 and disclosures submitted to DAC for their non-municipal direct/taxable offerings. In addition, the DAC Repository incorporates technology that provides to users the ability to create individual portfolios with real-time email notifications of filings for municipal DAC Bonds and non-municipal direct/taxable debt in their portfolios.

  • Customized information flows.
  • Free downloads of all documents.
  • Hyperlinks to issuer and obligor homepages.
  • Irrevocable failure to file notification.
  • Centralization of all issuer and obligor information, plus, sorting by obligor.
  • Integrated access to non-governmental obligors' disclosures for both municipal DAC Bonds and non-municipal direct/taxable debt.
  • Question and Answer (Q&A) feature to allow questions to be asked of issuers and responses to be made publicly available.
  • Investor Conference Calls
    • Filing of an event notice to EMMA announcing the call
    • Hosting the conference call
    • Preserving the investor call for 30 days for listener convenience